Ultimate Guide to Cheap Web Hosting

Ultimate Guide to Cheap and Efficient Web Hosting

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Choosing the right web hosting provider can be tasking for you as a business owner, especially when you are new to the industry and you would love to get something out there quickly. My personal advice is not to bear this burden alone if possible have an IT personnel handle this role for you but if It’s inevitable then role up your sleeves let the little discussion I have outlined here be your guide.

The odds are technically very low when you are looking for a cheap domain with efficient hosting because is a double combo, most times you get a very cheap hosting and some crappy services with issues like; email deliveries, lots of downtime, even DNS conflicts coupled with insecurity.

The Workspace Analogy Of Web Hosting

Web Hosting can be related to an Office Workspace, so let’s say you are out there searching for an office workspace, you have to consider the following scenarios:

  • What type of office space suits your needs
  • Are you comfortable with an open co-working space?
  • How quickly are you expecting to expand?
  • Would you want to rent an entire building or build your own space appeal?

Now you have a better picture about the type or style of workspace you are interested in, let’s look at other factors like:

The network of the different rooms and how easy you can access them, what type of operations can be performed (learning, relaxing, meetings, and other corporate activities). Based on this you can factor in things like whiteboard, internet, printers, and screens. These expressed needs will determine and also help you in your decision making on the type of workspace is right for you or your organisation.

I will walk you through the basic understanding of the types of hosting so as to help you with the process of making the right choice based on needs and not want as cost is a factor here

Shared Web Hosting Server

Building Analogy of a Shared Hosting

This type of hosting can be likened to a rented workstation amidst other entirely different workstation in an open plan office, it is characterized by a noisy and busy environment, you have a desk, internet connection and most significantly you share with other co-worker’s printers, paper shredder, air ways and even the restroom. You cannot really do much with your space as other parties are involved. This kind of hosting is solely for a starting website and should be a red flag for a large-scale business or project.

Technically shared hosting is a type of hosting where you have just a single server hosts different websites for different businesses and all resources like disk, memory internet, IP address and other resources are shared.

Virtual Private Web Hosting Server – VPS

Building Analogy of a VPS Hosting

This type of hosting can be likened to a rented office within a business park. You are no longer restricted by your neighbours and you can customise your office as you dim fit. You are still renting a space within one big complex but you have a dedicated space to you and you can put whatever infrastructure you thing will make work fun for you.

Technically A VPS is likened to a dedicated hosting with the one major difference been that a VPS is only virtually a dedicated entity, meaning one physical server host s multiple servers, each isolated from the other by the use of a software called a hypervisor; this hypervisor segments the physical server and keeps each segment separate from the rest. Now you can have a dedicated disk space, IP address, memory, and processor core just for you or your organisation.

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Dedicated Web Hosting Server

Building Analogy of a Dedicated Hosting

This type of hosting can be likened to renting an entire complex or office building and you or your organisation have the exclusive use of the entire complex. It is worth noting that this type of hosting is much more expensive and the most suited for websites who desire the ultimate reliability and performance.

Technically A dedicated server is a web hosting plan where you acquire the entire physical server and have full privilege to control and carry out whatever platform you want to throw in there just bear in mind that this is alarmingly expensive and not cost effective at all.

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Guide from Sentimental Decision of Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

There are already famous and big hosting providers. But, it will be a grave mistake to consider your decision based on their names. Big companies with millions of customers often fail to live up to the expectation of customers.

I know there are top class famous hosting companies out there. But, the cost of getting a hosting service can be over bearing for a private, start-up or even a medium company like yours. Also, it might be tempting to give to the crowd and assume because a provider is famous means good service as this may not always be the case, we have seen big companies with thousands of customer/clients fail to meet customers expectation and it really saddens me but that’s what it is.

From a first-hand experience in hosting websites for clients based on cheap and efficiency hosting, I have come to like NameCheap. Hosting your website requires a good web hosting service provider with trust for no downtime and assurance for maximum uptime ranging from 99.9% to 99.99%.

Don’t Compromise these things When Choosing a Cheap Web Hosting Provider

I would suggest a hosting company that just not only provides efficient hosting in fact gives a free domain or a slash in price as well as unlimited disk space, unmetered bandwidth, over 30 email accounts, free SSL, super active 24/7 support system.

First of all, know what you need according to your business goal, size, expected traffic and other factors. Make no mistake in choosing a plan without these guarantees:

  • Never Pay for Hosting Migration
  • Reliability and security
    • Free SSL
    • Free Daily Backup
    • Free Malware Scan
  • Maximum uptime close to 100%
  • Scalability to select an advanced plan whenever a need arises
  • Prompt customers service 24/7
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Emails
  • One-click installation for application including popular CMS like WordPress
  • Free account transfer without any data loss
  • And others

All these features in the hosting package ensure that your website remains up and running in the internet day and night. Downtime means loss of potential customers and sale for your business.

Your hosting plan should be decided based on these evaluations. For instance, shared hosting is for small business, VPS is for the medium-size firm, and Dedicated hosting is for big companies with massive traffic.

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