Joseph Ameh

My name is Joseph Ameh, a web designer and web developer living in Nigeria.I started this website to create a footprint for the younger generation to follow as it has been a difficult one getting to where I am right now.I am a big fan of learning the basics of any technology of interest, which means fundamentals and basics.I love every aspect of the development field.#PHP | #Laravel | #WordPress | #ContentWriter | #VueJs | Databases

Solution Review for an ITSM Based ITIL Adoption Tool

Solution Reviews for an ITSM Based ITIL Adoption Tool

I will guide you in making the right choice based on a solution designed, using ITIL industry best practice, to help IT organizations and businesses focus on what is most important with top in class service delivery and customer satisfaction. In addition to supporting their daily service desk and ITSM business needs, like i said we are looking out for a solution that is based on ease of use, speed of provisioning, customer service, and with minimal cost impact on your pocket. Am not done yet as UI is of utmost important, also it easily integrated with other business and IT third party systems.

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